2017-2018 Innovative Classroom Grants

Make A SPLASH (Students Learning Alternative Skills Happily) Mobile Makerspace unit at Woodmoor
LaTisha Joseph – $875 Grant – Impact 810: students

This Mobile Makerspace unit will help develop guided experiences for students and families to explore creativity and innovation, while learning valuable technology and social skills. It will be the highlight of family Reading, Math and Science nights and will be available for any Woodmoor teacher to check out for use.

Dads of Great Students_purchase start-up kit at Woodin
Brian Matthias – $415 Grant – Impact: 550 students

The WATCH DOGS program is coming to Woodin and it will create an increased sense of security and community on campus. More importantly, students will see the importance the men in their lives place on them and their education. This will increase self-esteem, a desire to work hard, and a sense of belonging.

Handwriting for Sensory Mid-level students at Westhill
Bridget Sachse – $799 Grant – Impact: 15 students

Some students have sensory, fine motor and writing delays, so writing is difficult to master. Writing provides the foundation for other elements of learning and development that equip students for success. This program provides the support children need to be successful learners for a life time.

Expand Kindergarten Take-home reading program at Wellington
Susan Higginbotham – $950 Grant – Impact: 72 students

Children’s love of reading, as well as their reading level, grows with the availability of books at their reading level. “Take home” reading books have been available to Kindergartners at Wellington for that past 5 years, and this year they are adding a third classroom of Kindergartners so those students will now have access to the same program.

Coffee House Flexible Seating Classroom at Wellington
Rebecca Moran – $601 Grant – Impact: 48 students

Traditional desks will be replaced with large and small tables of different heights, mats and clip boards that will allow students to “exercise choice in the learning environment” and find academic success on their own terms. These options help students become more productive and more engaged in the process of learning.

Classic Books 3rd grade EAP at Sunrise
Tricia Billes – $239 Grant – Impact: 24 students

Children in EAP classes are often lacking appropriate reading material because age appropriate, challenging, and engaging books are hard to find. This grant means that students will have access to literature that has stood the test of time and will challenge gifted readers enhancing future learning.

Therapy tables & chairs purchase_SLP room at Sorenson ECC
Yvonne Brooks – $1000 Grant – Impact: 100 students

Sorenson Early Childhood Center is an innovative school that serves students with special needs and Ready Start students under 5. Adjustable tables and chairs allow them to serve the individual needs of students instead of a one size fits all solution.

Career & Community Leadership Projects at SAS
Barbara Wilson – $500 Grant – Impact: 10 students

Family and Consumer Science comes to life in Mrs. Wilson’s classroom where she prepares them with life-long skills of community service – creating knitted items for charities in the community and the knowledge and ability to get a job because they can now pass and attain their food handlers permit.

No Desks Allowed – Community Learning Excursions at SAS
Shannon Peddycord/ Tony Olney – $4000 Grant – Impact: 150 students

“No Desks Allowed” is not a new project, but it is one that impacts an incredible number of vulnerable students in ways that simply could not be done in a traditional school setting. By giving students the rare opportunity to get out of their classroom seats, and get into the real world, they experience learning in a way that is literally “outside the box!” It provides struggling learners positive interactions with not only the subject matter at hand, but interpersonal relationships — something desperately needed by today’s youth. With no PTA source of funding, Foundation support is almost unmeasurable in its value to our students. Ask former SAS students years later, “What did you like most at SAS?” and you’ll almost certainly hear, “I loved the field trips.” That’s learning as it’s meant to be — lessons that last a lifetime.

Stand Tall: Tall Desks & Chairs at SAS
Jeanne Alonge – $2000 Grant – Impact: 120 students

Stand-up Alpha-desks will provide alternative seating to students who need to stay engaged in classroom learning. Students who use standup desks show a 12-15% increase in classroom engagement and a 3-5% increase in test scores.

Sensory supports for mid level classroom at Northshore MS
Megan Lenz – $493 Grant – Impact: 20 students

Students in the mid-evel program will receive the sensory support they need to focus on learning through the use of a trampoline, a weighted blanket, theraputty, headphones and more.

Drumming equipment at Moorlands and Crystal Spring
Mary Giordano & Kelly Griffin/ Jane Lin – $2000 Grant – Impact: 1300 students

The addition of Tubano drums will provide music student with opportunities to practice teamwork and cooperation while releasing creativity and learning relevant world cultural traditions. As a growing school, Moorlands has had to add a music room, this grant means more students get hands on instrument time.

Phonological Support at Moorlands
Milt Miller / Cathy Hink – $1500 Grant – Impact: 80 students
Unidentified phonological challenges mean that students can lose years of learning and not meet their full potential. This Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS) will create a systematic approach to identifying students who struggle with phonological awareness. This will also allow Kindergarten teachers to provide intervention and proactive support setting students on a path for reading and writing success.

Food Forest at Maywood Hills
Renee Huizenga – $767 Grant – Impact: 650 students
Gardening is the ultimate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activity Food forests help students develop a respect for the earth, get grounded in the earth and learn where food comes from, before it gets to the grocery store.

Backpack Buddies at Crystal Springs
Colette Weber – $500 Grant – Impact:25 students
Backpack Buddies generate interest for reading and borrowing books from the school library as well as building enthusiasm for reading in the early grades, by providing students with a cool new way to check out books. Backpack buddies that contain a book, a plush or puppet, and a clear backpack to hold all of the supplies provide the student with opportunities to read aloud with the backpack buddy or engage in dramatic play and expression while reading.

WE Day 2018 at Northshore MS and Canyon Park MS
Corey Martin/ Colin White – $1000 Grant – Impact: 90 students
WE Day is a culminating, inspirational event for students who have performed both local and global community service activities during the school year. WE Day brings together world-renowned speakers and award-winning performers with thousands of young people to celebrate their contributions and kick-start another year of positive change. This funding provides staffing and field trips support for the attendance of nearly 90 middle school students.

Online Math subscription at Canyon Creek
Joanne Burkett – $990 Grant – Impact:130 students
By providing access to online math practice, third graders will have the opportunity to practice essential math skills and to enrich areas in which they are challenged, at home or in the classroom.

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