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  • Bothell High School Approved E1506739315533

    All In for Kids – Bothell High School

    Thanks to the computers provided by the grant, the impact of a student’s lack of access to technology outside of school seemed to be nullified” -K. Morgan Technology is completely integrated with today’s learning and its crucial students have the technology to access the internet …

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  • SAM 0226

    All In for Kids – Leota Middle School

    WEB has given me so much. It has exposed me to new people and shown me more kindness than ever before.  Ever since I stepped in to WEB, I have felt welcome – Leota WEB student   One of our favorite things as a Foundation …

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  • Cottage Lake Garden Small Green Schools

    All In for Kids – Cottage Lake

    Cottage Lake might be the luckiest school in the district – In 2017  Cottage Lake has been the winner of both the Molbak’s Shopping Weekend Competition, and the Unlocking the Doors of the Future portion from the All In for Kids Breakfast and Luncheon.   WOW! …

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  • IMG 0107 E1516392383767

    All In for Kids – Northshore Middle School

    An innovative classroom can feel a little chaotic, but please come closer and you will hear our groups of students excitedly working through challenges, and finding solutions.” – Trudy Swain – 2017 innovative teacher of the year Trudy Swain, Family & Consumer Science teacher from …

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  • WHS E1506728623731

    All In for Kids – Woodinville High School

    “Thank you so much for providing tangible support that quickly impacts our classrooms in a positive way” -WHS Teacher Due to your support, the music department at Woodinville High School received new instruments such as Ukuleles and Marimbas. Music breaks down barriers and helps brain …

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  • 17 05 SAs Peddy Fieldtrips E1506727127667

    All In for Kids – Secondary Academy for Success

    “Our school appreciates your help. It simply wouldn’t happen without you. Why just talk about volcanoes when you can go visit one” -Pettycord. Because of you, the students at SAS were able to take a field-trip to an active volcano. This experience enriches the learning …

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  • 2017 05 Wellington Moran Seating

    All In for Kids – Wellington Elementary

    After discussing brain development and growth mindset in our classrooms, the students were able to use this perseverance and “grit” to work through frustration when they didn’t experience immediate success. We discussed strategies such as taking a break, looking at the problem differently,  and working …

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  • Moorlands Fullerton E1506725131251

    All In for Kids – Moorlands

    While it may not be immediately obvious, this Let’s Move grant contributed greatly to academic, social, emotional and of course physical gains throughout the year” -D.Fullerton  (Innovative Teacher of the year 2016!)  Your support allowed the students at Moorlands to experience the academic benefits of …

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  • CAREER DAY E1506723939985

    All In for Kids – Timbercrest Middle School

    “Every student benefited either from a Leadership Day (7th graders) or from the Career Day (8th and 9th graders).  This was not only a phenomenal day of learning for each student, but a wonderful way to incorporate our entire community by including them in the …

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