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Where Does Everyone Belong?

As summer comes to a close, the back to school season is in full swing. Thank you to all our community members who make the WEB program possible at all of Northshore’s Middle Schools. The acronym stands for Where Everyone Belongs.  This program occurs district wide and helps all of our middle school students know exactly where they belong.

To all the students graduating out of the districts Elementary schools, nothing seems more daunting than walking into their new school all alone. The WEB program aims to make incoming students feel more comfortable in the school environment.  Students create new bonds by working through group challenges that demand creativity, thinking outside the box and determination. WEB leaders and students, as well as parents praise the program and notice the difference in their students lives at school.

Thank You Letter

“Not only does WEB help guide seventh graders through their first year Junior High, but it also influences the lives of the WEB leaders as well. WEB has taught me to interact with small groups, as well as a room full of people. Plus, it showed me it was okay to let go and be crazy once and a while”.

WEB strives to ensure that they make every student feel like they have a place to belong in at school. The benefits of this are seen by everyone, even the students who you would least expect. 2016-17 unexpected web success

“The only reason I joined WEB was because I was nominated. I instantly thought that I would throw the paper away and forget about it but I kind of started to think about my nomination. I thought someone thought I’d be a good WEB leader and put thought into choosing me for the job. Yes, I call it a job because that’s what it is. It’s a duty to take pride in and be proud of. I also started thinking about how scared and isolated I was on my first day. My WEB leaders didn’t make it much better and that got me thinking more. I wanted to BE the WEB leader I never got and help give the new kids a comfort zone. Now that I look back on WEB I think that it was a really good choice to help those kids and break them out their shells I took PRIDE in my job”.

The Northshore Schools Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity that raises funds and builds partnerships between parents, community members and businesses that enhance the efforts of the district and that ultimately result in our students having the opportunity to achieve academic excellence in their lives.

They serve over 23,000 students, children and teachers in the Northshore School District located in the communities of Bothell, Kenmore, Woodinville. They have received the Top Rated in 2015 award from Great Non-Profits, are a Gold Participant on Guidestar, and were voted best local non-profit 2017 in the Best of Northshore. They are best known for enriching the educational experience for students, supporting teachers and making a meaningful contribution to public education and the community.

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Written by Sarah McCartney