All In For Kids

All In Kids

Are you All In For Kids?


You can be a part of a non-profit organization that supports all students, all teachers and all schools district -wide by providing funding for programs that that would not be available without your help.

All In for Kids is your opportunity to join other families in the District to make an even greater impact. Your donation of any size to the Northshore Schools Foundation will make a difference for NSD students.

We need your support— Donate Today!

Your One-time gift could help engage new readers by providing classroom libraries for new teachersor could engage a student with exposure to careers of the future.

Your Quarterly gift could help teachers thrive by supplementing the personal cost of pursuing advanced training.

Your Monthly donation could help engage students with integrated STEM programs like Hour of Code, Math Olympiad and STEM family nights or providing funding for academic competitions or advanced credits.


Find out how your donation supports your student’s past, present and future schools.