All In For Kids

All In For Kids

Are you All In For Kids?


You can be a part of a non-profit organization that supports all students, all teachers and all schools district-wide by providing funding for programs that that would not be available without your help.

All In for Kids is your opportunity to join other families in the District to make an even greater impact. Your donation of any size to the Northshore Schools Foundation will make a difference for NSD students.

We need your support— Donate Today!

If you and 1499 other families each give $60…
We could enrich classrooms with 16,451 new books for classroom libraries, literacy groups, college credits and more.

If you and 499 other families each give $120…
We could educate 253 teachers by funding National Board Teacher Certification, New Teacher Mentorships, Positive Behavior Intervention Techniques, Project Lead the Way Institute, and the training necessary to support the upcoming grade reconfiguration.

If you and 49 other families each give $365…
We could inspire 7107 students to explore computer science careers by promoting the “Hour of Code” in as many classrooms as possible across the district.


All In for Kids – Literacy

You can make this the year that changes everything for a student.

“I truly enjoyed trying the Hour of Code this year and look forward to sharing this with my students in the coming years. Thank you for providing this opportunity and supporting teachers.”
– Michelle Wytko

While all of us know that it’s important for students to learn how to navigate today’s tech-saturated world, many teachers aren’t experienced in computer science and haven’t had the opportunity to explore this kind of technology. Hour of Code is a chance for all of us to see what computer science is about. We hope it’ll spark interest in students to keep learning. Research also shows that kids pick up programming concepts before they know how to read and write. In fact, their brains are more receptive to computer languages at a young age, just like foreign languages. We know that regardless of what our students do when they grow up, whether they go into medicine, business, politics, or the arts, knowing how to build technology will give them the confidence and know-how to succeed.

“The Hour of Code is designed to demystify code and show that computer science is not rocket-science, anybody can learn the basics,” said Hadi Partovi, founder and CEO of “Over 100 million students worldwide have tried an Hour of Code. The demand for relevant 21st century computer science education crosses all borders and knows no boundaries.”

In 2015, 300+ NSD classrooms across all grade levels participated in Hour of Code and our goal is to increase participation this year, with a focus on teachers who do not teach tech related subjects. The Foundation regularly funds technology support for curriculum including 3D printers.

Think back to when you were in elementary school: working on a science project; giving a report; waiting to be chosen for a team in P.E. class. Maybe recess was your happiest time of day. Maybe you remember slamming your books down on the desk, saying, “I don’t get it.” Thinking, “I might never get it.”

That’s how Jacob* felt. As he started his fifth grade year, he was struggling. Discouraged. He was reading at a third grade level – and his classmates were starting to notice. But, thanks to people like you, he’s going to remember fifth grade as the year that everything changed. You see, this boy’s teacher was awarded a grant to fund high-quality, fifth-grade leveled picture books.

Picture books in fifth grade?

“With a student at this level it is difficult to feel like your peers, but when the entire class is studying picture books, no matter your reading level, conversations are happening,” his teacher wrote. “This reader increased his reading level by three levels over this year, and his writing has improved significantly. He joined our discussions each day and he felt empowered.”

The right books can make that kind of difference! YOU can make that kind of difference! The Northshore Schools Foundation addresses the funding gap for programs that challenge and support our advanced and disadvantaged learners, creating successful and inspiring academic experiences. Ultimately, all students should be able to graduate ready to enter the college or career of their choice.

$60 Replaces up to 8 books that have been lost, damaged or upgraded during the last school year.

$120 Funds books for a Literature Circle for Junior High or High School readers.

$500 – Underwrites a classroom library for a new teacher.

All In for Kids – Educate, Inspire, Enrich

You can make this the year that changes everything for a student.

This year’s donations are being designated to support “individualized” education. We know that every child’s path to career and college success is individual, and each one of them deserves the support they need to be able reach their potential. Funds raised during this campaign will go to support leveled books, textbooks for classes that give students college credit, specialized programs that inspire students and training for teachers to be able to meet the diverse needs of their students.

Your “All In for Kids” contribution supports students district-wide through Foundation initiatives of:
• Literacy – Classroom libraries, bi-lingual and leveled books
• Teacher Excellence – National Board Certification, Teacher Training

Volunteers will be calling to ask for your support during October. If you make your donation on-line or by mail by September 30th, you will NOT be called.


Join the Club!

The 365 Club

Fund a Dollar a Day for Education. The 365 Club honors givers who commit $365 or more in a fiscal year to the programs funded by the Foundation. $365 givers are considered members of the Foundation and are invited to granting ceremonies, exclusive events, premiere seating at Foundation events and given a commemorative lapel pin at significant anniversaries of their 365 participation.
Learn more about The 365 Club

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