Are you in?

Partner with families and community members across the District who are investing in student and teacher excellence. Your “All in for Kids” contribution supports students district-wide through Foundation initiatives of:

• Literacy – Classroom libraries, bi-lingual and leveled books
• Academic Success – Advanced text books and local, regional and national academic competitions
• Disadvantaged Students – Specialized services and support for our most vulnerable students
• Teacher Excellence – National Board Certification

Volunteers will be calling to ask for your support during October. If you make your donation on-line or by mail by September 30th, you will NOT be called.


“When Sylvia brought a below-average report card home, she was feeling defeated. Even after hours and hours of reading time, she felt that the words were still were not making sense. She was starting to fall behind and as the class moved into book groups, Sylvia was scared that her friends would notice that she did not understand the reading. She wanted to give up … until Mrs. Simmons handed her a leveled book.

“It was difficult for Sylvia to read from “little kid” books while her classmates are in chapter books… It was very helpful for her to have books with age-appropriate appearance and subject matter in her classroom. Sylvia advanced to the intermediate level on her testing this spring, an indicator that she is taking on the English language and applying it in her reading, writing, listening and speaking,” explained Mrs. Simmons.

The Northshore Schools Foundation has provided thousands of fiction and non-fiction books on topics relevant to students who are reading at a lower grade level. By providing books that meet student interest and reading levels, the Foundation is supporting key School District goals regarding literacy and making reading time more productive for students. They gain confidence and hope in their learning skills and their future.

Leveled book in hand, Sylvia watched her grades climb and, more importantly, a book she read about hospitals exposed her to health sciences careers. She is now planning to enroll in the NSD health sciences program and eventually attend Medical school.

One book can make that kind of difference! Your gift of $60, $120 or $240 will help us put accessible books into the hands of students like Sylvia.


The Northshore Schools Foundation is a collaboration of business, parent and community supporters of quality public education that produces college – or career-ready graduates who are engaged citizens of the community. Each year with help from people just like you, we invest in enriching and enhancing opportunities for students, staff and families — being there when other funding is not available.

You are invited to join us in the All in for Kids Campaign by making a donation of $60, $120 or $240 this Fall.


Did you know that your child has probably already benefited or will soon benefit from the work of the Foundation?

In 2012-13, the Northshore Schools Foundation funded over 43 programs that impacted students more than 22,000 times. Given the compounding effect of our funding, we now estimate that an average NSD student comes into contact with at least 7 Foundation grants during their school career. By providing nimble funding to address the individual needs of students, we are helping them meet and exceed grade-level learning benchmarks to insure that they graduate able to be productive, contributing citizens.

The Northshore Schools Foundation is currently holding more than $1,000,000 in grant requests from the Northshore School District. Supporting this goal is insurmountable if the Foundation tries to go it alone, but with parents, community members and the business community who are “All in for Kids” there is hope that we can close the gap!

Your gift of $60 or more can help provide essential reading materials, teacher training and support for our most advanced and disadvantaged students.


The All in for Kids campaign is your opportunity to invest in ALL of our Northshore students and join us in providing:
• 10,000 books for Classroom libraries, thousands of leveled and bi-lingual books for struggling readers
• 35 teachers with support as they strive for excellence through the pursuit of National Board Certification.
• 200 textbooks for our advanced students who are challenging themselves in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and College in the High School courses.
• That no child who is part of a successful academic group competition is prevented from competing regionally or nationally due to financial constraints.


Thank you for being all in for kids!