All In for Kids – Kokanee Elementary

Many of my students could see themselves in the characters in books.  As they read, they were able to experience another viewpoint and resolution to a shared issue, and then use the insight to help themselves”. -E. Duffy

Thanks to you, sixth grades from Kokanee became more thoughtful and respectful to their peers after learning about different walks of life. Your donations helped us fund the Diverse Books for English Language Arts at Kokanee and so much more.  

You can impact more students lives by being All in For Kids. 



See below for all the ways your donations have supported KOKANEE ELEMENTARY            


Language Arts novels purchase_diverstiy

Erin Duffy $500 Grant – Impact: 110 students

To increase the number and types of dynamic seating options and movement supports available to all classrooms via a loaner closet.

Seating_movement purchase_sensory

Hannah Lott-Harvey $1000 Grant – Impact: 700 students

For diverse novels for the classroom, to reflect student diversity in both our district and our world.

Edusmart Science

Colby Bishop – $500 Grant – Impact: 150 students

For Edusmart Science subscription to be used in third grade classes.  Edusmart is interactive and uses technology to facilitate science instruction.

Third Grade Toy Maker Workshop

Traci Edson – $910 Grant – Impact: 125 students

For an intensive, hands-on and fun-filled science workshop focusing on the Physics of Sound presented to third graders.  Students will use simple hand tools to build a variety of toys that demonstrate important scientific concepts studied in the classroom.

Marimba Band

Yuh-Pey Lin – $1000 Grant – Impact: 785 students

For a marimba to enhance the existing classroom music program and as an after-school club providing students a meaningful music making experience and offering musical performances to build community relationships.

National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Colby Bishop, 3rd Grade

New Classroom Libraries

Meg Cosper

Brittany Doyle

Alicia Morford

Erin Wilen


Sensory Program Supports at Westhill, Kokanee, Lockwood Elementary Schools

Amy Sorenson – $1000 Grant – Impact: 50 students

For sensory reinforcement and supports to be used by students in the sensory classrooms.


Marimbas Ensemble – $1000 Grant

For Marimba equipment that will allow students the opportunity to perform music and be prepared for junior high performance opportunities.   Playing Marimbas engages students in a meaningful music experience and provide a means for students to achieve the Washington State music standards.  By playing in the marimba ensemble students will build musicality as well as additional skills to support all learning.

New Teacher Classroom Library

Kimberly Reiprich

Carmen Ponce

Karen Comer

Amy Kostadinova

Margie Mueller

Colleen McIntosh

New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Karen (Comer) Hummel

Margie Mueller

Jessica Huber

Amy Kostadinova

Colleen McIntosh

Melissa Bamford

Positive Behavior Intervention System Training



Game Plan Charts & Visuals – $890 Grant

This program will enhance music education for Grades 1 and 2. By purchasing this equipment, teachers will be able to enhance the curriculum and engage students in active music making. Lessons will spark creativity and higher-level thinking skills.

New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Sarah Epperson

Carmen Ponce

Kimberly Reiprich


Kokanee Garden Club – $1000 Grant

This program will engage students in the process of gardening by creating a learning lab that integrates science, math and service, while simultaneously creating a more beautiful campus, promoting pride, and enabling donations of fresh foods to those in need.

Kokanee Parent/Student Book Club – $1,000.00 Grant

This bimonthly book club will promote children and parents developing a relationship around high interest books and the healthy habit of reading while shoring up the skills of students who are at or below MSP standard. Parents will receive coaching/teaching in benchmark literacy strategies, allowing them to build a stronger home- to- school connection.  The Kokanee Book Club educates, inspires and enriches the children in a fun social environment, involves parents in the literacy process, and creates lifelong learners.


Elementary School Science Kit Refurbishment (District-wide)

New Teacher Classroom Library – Megan Crane, 3rd grade


National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Kevin Comeaux – Kokanee

Dawn Hamilton – Kokanee


Reader’s Workshop – $1,200 Grant

For Reader’s Workshop materials for grades 4, 5 and 6.  This program accommodates a variety of reading levels, instills a love of reading and strengthens student skills in comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and fluency.

Scientist in Residence Program – $1,000 Grant

This grant is to expand the Scientist in Residence program with non-fiction reading materials.

Global Positioning Systems$2,500 Grant

25 Global Positioning System units that can be used for orienteering by all 5th grade students attending Camp Casey and during the school year for units on geography and survival.  These tools will strengthen the orienteering experiences for many years.

Physical Education Equipment – $2,000 Grant

Upgrade the rotating collection of physical education equipment that is used to improve balance, coordination, aerobic conditioning and agility in PE classes across the district.

Boardmaker Activity Pad – $979.01 Grant

Purchase a Boardmaker Activity Pad for the Assistive Technology Library that can be used by students in the District who have technology needs.


Scientist in Residence Program –$1,000 Grant

Supports collaboration from the community, a scientist and the school personnel in developing a link between the ELAR’s, the staff and the FOSS kits purchased by the Foundation for schools in the District.


Scientist in Residence Program – $1000 Grant

This grant supports the collaboration of the community, a scientist and the school personnel in developing a link between the EALR’s, the staff and the FOSS kits purchased by the Foundation for schools in the District.  We see this as a valuable collaboration and the end product could benefit teachers throughout the District.


Science Garden – $650 Grant

Funds provide materials to build a 12 ft x 6 ft raised-bed garden which will be used to teach science. This bed joins a previous garden “which greatly enhanced students’ excitement and learning, but one bed was not sufficient for 24 students to work in”.

Kokanee Reforestation Project – $400 Grant

This grant continues a project begun by 4th and 5th graders in 2000 – 2001, which brought together students, parents, and the business community to reshape a barren hillside. The funds purchase native shrubs and trees.  Students begin the fall by surveying the hillside.  After mapping the site, a plan is drawn up, then plants are purchased in February and planted in March.


Sciencing – $996 Grant

Science kits to augment the science curriculum.

Kokanee Watershed Forest – $400 Grant

Hillside planting for hands-on science experience and promoting community involvement.


Reaching Kokanee’s Reading Goal – $700 Grant

Supporting Kokanee’s Tutorial program by adding books for young readers before and during school hours.


Kokanee Reading Goal – $700 Grant

Implements new reading techniques to aid at-risk students in their reading.


Reaching Kokanee’s Reading Goal – $800 Grant

Books for the Kokanee summer reading camp.


Northshore Schools Foundation is a local 501 (c)(3) local non-profit, charity that serves students, and teachers in the Northshore School District located in the communities of Bothell, Kenmore, Woodinville.

They were voted best local non-profit in the Best of Northshore 2016 and 2017, are a Gold Participant on Guidestar, and have received the Top Rated in 2015 award from Great Non-Profits.

They are best known for enriching the educational experience for students, supporting teachers and making a meaningful contribution to public education and the community. The Foundation has granted over $1.6 million dollars to our schools, funding programs and resources that benefit every student nearly every day during their school career.


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