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All In for Kids – Fernwood Elementary

Fernwood students are excited to read! 

fernwood thank you books“Thank you for the books. I am excited to read Stickdog” – Gavin

“Thank you for the books, I am excited to read Flyguy” – Kylina

“Thank you for the books. I’m excited to read The Legend of Diamond Lil” – Camryn

“Thank you for the new books.  I am excited to read all the books”- Brody

This year Northshore Schools Foundation provided 37 first year teachers with 100 books to seed their classroom libraries!   Classroom libraries are an important part of students increasing their literacy skills and confidence in reading.   Read our previous post about Classroom libraries here. 

You can impact more students lives by being All in For Kids.


See below for all the ways your donations have supported




Wireless Listening Centers

Marissa Federspiel – $1000 Grant – Impact: 150 students

For wireless listening centers in the second grade classroom.  These stations create a hands-on learning experience with flexibility to allow teachers to choose the learning targets and can be designed as a guided reading group, strategy group or read-aloud.

STEM Leveled Nonfiction Book Sets

Emily Schenck – $1000 Grant  Impact: 120 students

For STEM nonfiction leveled sets of texts for use in the sixth grade classrooms.  These books will allow teachers to incorporate science concepts during their literacy block.


New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Erin Anderson

Jenny Foote


National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Shelley Heathman, 2nd Grade

Courtney Teter, Music


New Teacher Classroom Library

Jenny Foote

Erin Anderson

April Hennessey


National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Tara Evans, Kindergarten


Positive Behavior Intervention System Training



New Teacher Classroom Library

Kevin Pierce

Emily Scheneck

Jamie Moser

Andrew Montzigo

Ariane Trumbo


New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Jamie Moser

Nicole Luckenbach

Andrew Montzingo

Anjana Trumbo



Bucket Brigade Board Games – $200 Grant

Awarded to buy board games for the Bucket Brigade Student Team: team members from grades 3-6 will work with peers who have been selected by their teachers to receive help in needed areas. Not only will students get help with school work, they may make a friend and play a game. It will also help children become empowered to lead and to include and interact successfully with everyone.


New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Kevin Pierce

Emily Schenck

Melissa Federspiel



National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

William “Ryan” Weaver, 6th Grade



Elementary School Science Kit Refurbishment (District-wide)



New Teacher Classroom Library – Shelley Heathman, Kindergarten



Global Positioning Systems$2,500 Grant

25 Global Positioning System units that can be used for orienteering by all 5th grade students attending Camp Casey and during the school year for units on geography and survival.  These tools will strengthen the orienteering experiences for many years.


Physical Education Equipment – $2,000 Grant

Upgrade the rotating collection of physical education equipment that is used to improve balance, coordination, aerobic conditioning and agility in PE classes across the district.


Boardmaker Activity Pad – $979.01 Grant

Purchase a Boardmaker Activity Pad for the Assistive Technology Library that can be used by students in the District who have technology needs.  



Leveled Readers, 5 Grants at $1,000 each

Connecting Readers with Leveled Books at Home and School.  This grant is for purchasing Rigby leveled readers that enable students school-wide to learn strategies and skills appropriate to their developmental stage in reading.



Leveled Readers – $5000 Grant

Connecting Readers with Leveled Books at Home and School


Elementary Music Guitar Instruction – $500 Grant

This grant supplements other funds to purchase a class set of acoustic guitars for grades 5 and 6.  Students will expand musicianship, and practice fundamentals of music including melody, harmony and rhythm.


Leveled Reading Books – $1450 Grant

These books for first graders will enable students to learn and practice strategies and skills appropriate to their individual stage of reading development.  Program aligns with state reading standards: EALR #1,2,3.



Connecting 1st Grade Readers with Leveled Books – $1000 Grant

These leveled reading books will enable students to learn and practice strategies and skills appropriate to their individual stage of reading development through guided reading, independent reading and shared reading at home.



Connecting 1st Grade Readers with Leveled Books – $500 Grant

Students learn and practice strategies and skills appropriate to their individual stage of reading development.  They share their accomplishments with their parents and progress from learning to read to reading to learn.



Parallel Block Reading – $1000 Grant

The grant provides books for primary students that are emergent readers struggling within the existing curriculum.



Enriching Student Math and Science – $450 Grant

Students use math and science kits to record and interpret results.


Sciencing and Math Workshops – $1000 Grant

Teachers use structural engineering and architectural concepts to develop science and math skills.



Northshore Schools Foundation is a local 501 (c)(3) local non-profit, charity that serves students, and teachers in the Northshore School District located in the communities of Bothell, Kenmore, Woodinville.

They were voted best local non-profit in the Best of Northshore 2016 and 2017, are a Gold Participant on Guidestar, and have received the Top Rated in 2015 award from Great Non-Profits.

They are best known for enriching the educational experience for students, supporting teachers and making a meaningful contribution to public education and the community. The Foundation has granted over $1.6 million dollars to our schools, funding programs and resources that benefit every student nearly every day during their school career.

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