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All In for Kids – Kenmore Elementary

Weather Books changing the forecast for student learning at Kenmore Elementary

 “My students as well as the other 2nd graders in the other classes were very,very  excited to receive all of the non-fiction weather books from our grant.  My Latino students in particular were excited to see some of the books in both English & Spanish that they can have their 6th grade big buddies read with them.”  We will be using these books both as a part of our non-fiction reading unit in Lucy Calkins and for our science unit in the study of weather.  My students, as well as the students in the other 2nd grade classes will benefit greatly from your generosity.”  – Kerry Quinn 2nd grade teacher -Kenmore Elementary

You can impact more students lives by being All in For Kids.


See below for all the ways your donations have supported




STEM/STEAM Classroom

Dana Plant – $982.82 Grant – Impact: 25 students

For STEM books and supplies to have an example STEM classroom.  The first grade teacher will be able to weave all curricular learning goals to hands-on inquire-based problem-solving activities throught the day, across all units of study.


Weather Books

Kerry Quinn – $1000 Grant – Impact: 75 students

For high-interest nonfiction books and small group book sets around the topic of weather.  Weather is one of the science units for the second grade.  These books will also help with the transition to the new NGSS standards which include the impact of wind and water on the land.


New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Garrick Bennett

Sarah Hanika

Mary Kell


National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Salina Greig, 3rd Grade

Amy Matto. 6th Grade


New Classroom Libraries

Garrick Bennett

Jennifer Karvonen

Lindsay Knott

Angela Torre



Discovery Garden at Kenmore Elementary School

Dana Plant – $1000 Grant – Impact: 480 students

For environmental and garden books, a bug hotel, top soil, plants and seeds to enhance and enrich the school’s Discovery Garden.


National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Leia Cumberland, Kindergarten

Madeline Smith, Kindergarten


Staying Calm, Alert and Focused: Self-Regualtion in the Classroom at Kenmore Elementary School

Bridget Sachse – $479 Grant – Impact: 480 students

For materials and training to incorporate the ZONES self-regulation framework and language currently used by the NSD Special Education department into the regular education programs.    


New Classroom Libraries

Cassondra Warme-Prutsman


Positive Behavior Intervention System Training



Cellos at Shelton View, Kenmore, Arrowhead, and Lockwood Elementary – $3942 awarded

For two cellos to be used between Shelton View, Kenmore, Arrowhead, and Lockwood Elementary. There are currently 18 cellists sharing 9 cellos at school and three students without access to cellos at home.    Over the life span of each instrument this project will fill an essential need for numerous disadvantaged students, positively build upon the existing string orchestra program and provide a unique opportunity to the many benefits of musical instrument education for students who would otherwise have insufficient access.    


New Classroom Libraries

Kara McGrew


New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Cassondra Warme-Prutsman

Jenessa (Wight) Hope



English Language Acquisition – $1000 Grant

Students will be able to check out books and DVDs to use at home. Having exposure to these materials over a longer period will enhance students’ reading and language abilities while increasing their success.



Books Can Bring Us Together – $1000 Grant  

This program provides leveled reading materials in both English and Spanish to break down the language barrier, develop independent readers, and open communication between home and school.  These books will be incorporated into the school library for the summer months so they can be accessible during the summer reading program.


Ghanaian Master Drummer Artist in Residence – $1000 Grant

The grant will help sponsor a weeklong residency of Sowah Mesah as a part of the music program at Kenmore Elementary.  Mesah works with all students at the school to create music and culture of an African musical genre that is the foundation of much of our modern music.


National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Keir Blades, 1st Grade



Elementary School Science Kit Refurbishment (District-wide)



New Teacher Classroom Library – Jenna Wild, 1st grade

New Teacher Classroom Library – Sarah Sweeny, 4th grade



Reading Enhancement – $1000 Grant

To supplement the current collection of instructional books and materials with the goal of supporting early or struggling readers and linguistically diverse students in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.   



ELL Books – $1,000 Grant

For Higher Interest/Lower Readability Texts for ELL – supplementing leveled reading texts to support ELL students in non-fiction and fiction, making reading time more productive and keeping with Northshore’s Literacy Vision.



Non-Fiction Books – $960 Grant

For non-fiction books for grades 1-6.  This will assist in teaching the non-fiction unit of study.  


Leveled Reading $1000 Grant

For leveled reading texts with strong vocabulary and picture support.  The texts will augment the school’s collection with an emphasis in the fields of social studies, science and math.


Global Positioning Systems$2,500 Grant

25 Global Positioning System units that can be used for orienteering by all 5th grade students attending Camp Casey and during the school year for units on geography and survival.  These tools will strengthen the orienteering experiences for many years.


Physical Education Equipment – $2,000 Grant

Upgrade the rotating collection of physical education equipment that is used to improve balance, coordination, aerobic conditioning and agility in PE classes across the district.


Boardmaker Activity Pad – $979.01 Grant

Purchase a Boardmaker Activity Pad for the Assistive Technology Library that can be used by students in the District who have technology needs.  



Digi-Walking to a Healthy Lifestyle – $992 Grant

Pedometers are used to promote lifelong fitness habits.  Students and staff are motivated to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. All are challenged to find new ways to take more steps per day/per activity.  Use of Digi-Walkers involves multiple curricular areas (math, science, PE) and age groups.



After School Enrichment – Brown Bag School – $300 Grant

The funds provide materials for after school enrichment projects for students who may be without childcare and would otherwise return home to an empty house.  Children have no-cost opportunities to explore areas of interest such as Spanish, gardening, pottery, drawing, photography, environmental investigations, and technology.



Evening of Poetry – $200 Grant

An evening of poetry that culminates ten weeks of study.



Northshore Schools Foundation is a local 501 (c)(3) local non-profit, charity that serves students, and teachers in the Northshore School District located in the communities of Bothell, Kenmore, Woodinville.

They were voted best local non-profit in the Best of Northshore 2016 and 2017, are a Gold Participant on Guidestar, and have received the Top Rated in 2015 award from Great Non-Profits.

They are best known for enriching the educational experience for students, supporting teachers and making a meaningful contribution to public education and the community. The Foundation has granted over $1.6 million dollars to our schools, funding programs and resources that benefit every student nearly every day during their school career.

P.S. Join us for our first ever BEYOND THE BOOK EVENT!

P.P.S. Save the date for our annual All In for Kids Breakfast and Lunch Event – April 24, 2018


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