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All In for Kids – Kenmore Middle School

Students report that the healthy snacks are very beneficial as they are  hungry and unable to get a snack…. when snack is not available, productivity an connections between adults and youth diminish.

Mentor Room is for students to improve skills and strategies to learning, and develop positive relationships.  Your donations help support Mentor room at Kenmore Middle School last year by funding snack for healthy brain function and concentration.   However, snacks for this program are provided solely through donations like this one.   Without your help, this particular type of support goes away.

Thank you for feeding our students’ hunger for learning.

You can impact more students lives by being All in For Kids.


See below for all the ways your donations have supported




Nutrition items purchase_KJH Mentor Room Eileen Jowell $250 Grant – Impact: 200 students

To supplement healthy snacks for the school’s Mentor Room, an academic intervention for students struggling in or out of school.

IXL site license purchase

Amy Baker $1305 Grant – Impact: 76 students

For a site license for IXL, a technology-based program to practice math and ELA skills for struggling students. *Funding for this program came from SEPAC

National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Mehgan Colkitt. 9th Grade Science



Bringing High Interest Books to Low Level Readers at Kenmore Jr. High School

Shannon Korner – $860 Grant – Impact: 110 students

For three sets of high-interest, low level books that students in the special education program are able to read, comprehend, and make connections with.  



New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Kyle Dehnert

Carlos Lazo (also at SJH)

Alexa Larson (also at BHS)

Amanda Overdick

Hannah Todd


Positive Behavior Intervention System Training



Hang Time – $300 Grant

This program will provide afterschool classes and tutoring.  Volunteers who help with these sessions are college students from UW Bothell, Cascadia CC, America Reads and other community members. They build positive relationships and provide positive role models while giving much needed help with assignments.


New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Bergan (Stief) Walker



Spanish Language Textbooks$1000 Grant

For Spanish language textbooks, replacing the 16-year old, outdated texts currently in use.  These texts reflect the most current research on how students learn and become proficient language users.  The curriculum provides students a solid foundation for beginning language learners.  


National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Whitney Adkins



Small Engine – How It Works! – $1000 Grant

With these tools for work on both 2- and 4- cycle small engines, students will learn how the combustion engine works, apply their math, problem solving and mechanical skills and expand their knowledge of how math, design, physics and technology can work together.



CO2 Car:  Problem Solving for Speed! – $850 Grant

Provides a new CO2 racetrack for Kenmore Junior High.  Seventh and ninth grade tech-ed students design and manufacture a CO2 racecar that meets PITSCO Design Specification.  The students utilize information gathered through studying aerodynamics, use CAD to draw a side and top view of the car and analyze their design using a wind tunnel.  After they manufacture their car using power equipment, they culminate the project by pitting their car against another in a race.



Academic Enrichment – $1000 Grant

Brings in speakers on a variety of subjects to help students connect what they learn in school with how they will use it in real life.



Paint Like Monet – $675 Grant

After an extensive study of impressionism, the students take a day trip to the arboretum to study light and paint their impressions.



Tessellation T-Shirts – $800 Grant

Students create an original tessellation on the computer and make t-shirts from the design using a thermal screen printing process.



Northshore Schools Foundation is a local 501 (c)(3) local non-profit, charity that serves students, and teachers in the Northshore School District located in the communities of Bothell, Kenmore, Woodinville.

They were voted best local non-profit in the Best of Northshore 2016 and 2017, are a Gold Participant on Guidestar, and have received the Top Rated in 2015 award from Great Non-Profits.

They are best known for enriching the educational experience for students, supporting teachers and making a meaningful contribution to public education and the community. The Foundation has granted over $1.6 million dollars to our schools, funding programs and resources that benefit every student nearly every day during their school career.

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