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All In for Kids – Shelton View

We can still provide hands on science projects for our students – S. Hartman

Thanks to you, Shelton View 1st and 3rd grade classrooms have access to hands-on study of the flowering plant life cycles. Students will be able to make observations, collect data, and compare growing systems in a scientific manner that is not restricted by the weather!   You really are helping students grow!

“The workforce is changing and a students proficiency in S.T.E.M. is required for a successful carer in the 22nd century.   As a teacher I am committed to ensuring students have the programs and equipment necessary to successfully embark on a comprehensive STEM learning experience”  S. Hartman

You can impact more students lives by being All in For Kids.


See below for all the ways your donations have supported




Mobile Listening Center Marcie Morgan – $1000 Grant – Impact: 150 students

For a mobile listening center to be shared between all the first grade classes.  The center will include headphones, quality literature on audio and music with lyrics that students can read and follow along.


Grow Lights  Sallie Hartman – $1000 Grant – Impact: 450 students

For grow lights to allow first and third graders access to hands-on study of the flowering plant life cycles.  Students will be able to make observations, collect data, and compare growing systems.


New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Chnita Hardy

Malisa Spencer


National Board Teacher Certification Scholarship

Allison Thurman, 2nd Grade


New Classroom Libraries

Shannon Hobbs



Curriculum and Games for After School Math Program at Shelton View Elementary School

Mary Hill – $1000 Grant – Impact: 36 students

For materials to be used by below grade level 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students in an after school math program.  


Art Learning Supplies – $1000 Grant

This program increases students’ artistic perception of relationships and applications of art which are valuable components in child development by providing art supplies for Second graders.  Students will demonstrate understanding, appreciation and respect for the use of community art tools and develop competencies and creative skills in problem solving, communication and management of time as contributing factors to lifelong learning.


Intensive Reading Intervention – $1000 Grant

This program provides students with a selection of high quality books that interest students and meet their reading needs, to help bring all students to reading standard by third grade.  


Cellos at Shelton View, Kenmore, Arrowhead, and Lockwood Elementary – $3942 awarded

For two cellos to be used between Shelton View, Kenmore, Arrowhead, and Lockwood Elementary. There are currently 18 cellists sharing 9 cellos at school and three students without access to cellos at home.    Over the life span of each instrument this project will fill an essential need for numerous disadvantaged students, positively build upon the existing string orchestra program and provide a unique opportunity to the many benefits of musical instrument education for students who would otherwise have insufficient access.    


New Teacher Mentor Sound Discipline

Sarah Flores

Shannon Hobbes



Tier 2 Intensive Reading – $1000 Grant

This program will provide reading intervention and suport for all students in reading and writing. By using leveled books and materials, students will be provided with additional support and instruction on a daily basis. The program is specifically designed to target the most vulnerable students who read below standard, but all students who participate will benefit.



Elementary School Science Kit Refurbishment (District-wide)



New Classroom Libraries

Alison Thurman, 2nd grade

Kylie Lindner, 3rd grade



Global Positioning Systems$2,500 Grant

25 Global Positioning System units that can be used for orienteering by all 5th grade students attending Camp Casey and during the school year for units on geography and survival.  These tools will strengthen the orienteering experiences for many years.


Physical Education Equipment – $2,000 Grant

Upgrade the rotating collection of physical education equipment that is used to improve balance, coordination, aerobic conditioning and agility in PE classes across the district.


Boardmaker Activity Pad – $979.01 Grant

Purchase a Boardmaker Activity Pad for the Assistive Technology Library that can be used by students in the District who have technology needs.  



Shelton View Traveling Readers – $500 Grant

This program builds a partnership with families to enhance individual reading opportunities for each Shelton View student.  Expands the take-home book collection so that more students can participate.



Traveling Readers – $1000 Grant

First and second graders have the opportunity to share their reading skills at home with materials that are appropriate to their level of reading.  This helps ensure reading success for all.


Seeds to Soup – $800 Grant

Provides individual, hands-on experiences with planting and growing seeds and making “connections” related to where the food we eat comes from and how things are inter-related in our world.



Bass Marimba – $1000 Grant

Purchases a bass marimba for the music room.



Northshore Schools Foundation is a local 501 (c)(3) local non-profit, charity that serves students, and teachers in the Northshore School District located in the communities of Bothell, Kenmore, Woodinville.

They were voted best local non-profit in the Best of Northshore 2016 and 2017, are a Gold Participant on Guidestar, and have received the Top Rated in 2015 award from Great Non-Profits.

They are best known for enriching the educational experience for students, supporting teachers and making a meaningful contribution to public education and the community. The Foundation has granted over $1.6 million dollars to our schools, funding programs and resources that benefit every student nearly every day during their school career.

P.S. Join us for our first ever BEYOND THE BOOK EVENT!

P.P.S. Save the date for our annual All In for Kids Breakfast and Lunch Event – April 24, 2018


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