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Celebrating NBTC

You are making good teachers great!  On January 22nd, the School board  celebrates with the 38 most recent NBTC graduates!   These teachers have gone above and beyond to increase their instructional impact, and you helped them.

 Since 2010 the Foundation has been providing funds to supplement the cost of this program.  We are thrilled to  be announcing and additional investment of $20,000 into this program.   

Congratulations to the 38 Northshore teachers who most recently became National Board Certified Teachers.

Ryan Aker, Scott Churchill, Victoria Cohen, Mehgan Colkitt, Kimberly Courtney, Leia Cumberland, Cyrus Darling, Christy Deer, Warren Eickhoff, Tara Evans, John Fogarty Jr., Molly Goodspeed, Elliot Gray, Emmy Hager, Scott Herman, Renee Huizenga, Cally Ingram, Kristina Kuperschmidt, Esther Lee, Ryan Mateo Sharnbroich, Russell Monsef, Madeline Oakley, Natalie Rance, Mackenzie Romppanen, Rebecca Schock, Keyna Shumaker, Theresa Slater, Amy Sorenson, Cheryl Steenson, Courtney Teter, Alison Thurman, Loni Tighe, Matt Warhol, Colin White, Amber Williams, Crystal Winterbourne and Amber Wyberanec.

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