Apply For District Grants

Request for Funds for District-wide initiatives: Updated 11/2017

The Northshore Schools Foundation exists to support all Northshore students, teachers and schools by building partnerships to fill the funding gap.

This request form is meant to be used by District Administrative Staff providing a district-wide program. District-wide is describes as serving students in more than one feeder patter.

Applications for Funds are accepted all year long. Requests for funding are evaluated by the Northshore Schools Foundation Board. Funds available are limited by the resources and budget of the Foundation.

Fill out the Request for funds here

Frequently Asked Questions about District Grants

Where can I access applications for Foundation Funding?

Applications for funding are available on the Apply Here tab of our website.

What kind of things does the Foundation Fund?
We fund projects that are in alignment with The Northshore Schools Foundation Vision, Mission, Values and Priorities and the NSD Strategic Plan. For a list of what we have funded please visit our What We Fund page.

What is the difference between a District Grant and a Innovative Classroom Grant?
Innovative Classroom grant applications are accepted one time a year, and are currently limited to $1000-$2000. They are submitted traditionally by school staff, or parent volunteers and are intended to support students directly with supplies and programs etc. We accept applications in the Spring, and funding is available by the end of the school year to implement the program in the Fall. The grant funds must be used in the year designated. Grant Applications are available here: Innovative Classroom Grant Applications

District Grants are typically from $1000 to $50,000 and typically supports district wide initiatives, activities in more than one school or program, teacher training (including NBTC), or emerging and start up programs. District Grant requests remain valid for 3 years, and funding may be used over 5 years. Once funding requests have been reviewed by the Northshore Schools Foundation Board, the Foundation begins trying to find ways to fund your project.

Who can submit a District Grant?
Ultimately all District Grant requests are approved at the Director and Superintendent Level of the District. The grant can be written by anyone, however a Director will “own” the program.

When are District Grant Requests Due?
We have been requesting applications by March 30 & June 30th, and allowing late submission. Since funding currently happens in June, September & January we can accept applications anytime. Ideally we would have 6 months to attempt to find funding for you. For that reason we ask that you submit you applications as soon as you have an idea.

How do I know if I should submit a Grant Request?
If you have an unfunded program or innovative program that falls into the funding priorities of the Foundation, make an appointment to talk with the Foundation Director and through that conversation you will gain an understanding of the feasibility of being able to identify and provide funds.

How will I know if my project got funded?

NEW: At each funding cycle all applicant will be given an update about the status of their project.

What kind of evaluation is required from grant recipients?
At the conclusion of your project you will be asked to fill out a grant evaluation using google forms. This process has been simplified and asks for the contact information of teachers who witnessed direct benefits from the project, so that the Foundation can contact them for further details.