2012-2013 Innovative Classroom Awards

2012 – 2013 Innovative Classroom Awards!

1) Kokanee Parent/Student Book Club at Kokanee Elementary –  Impact: 50 students.
$1,000.00 awarded for Kokanee Parent/Student Book Club at Kokanee to support the Foundation’s  Initiative for Literacy Curriculum Enhancement.  Under the direction of Kevin Comeaux, this bimonthly book club will promote children and parents developing a relationship around high interest books and the healthy habit of reading while shoring up the skills of students who are at or below MSP standard. Parents will receive coaching/teaching in benchmark literacy strategies, allowing them to build a stronger home-to-school connection.   The Kokanee Book Club educates, inspires and enriches the children in a fun social environment, involves parents in the literacy process, and creates lifelong learners.

2) Pares de los libros at Woodmoor Elementary –  Impact: 100 students.
$1,000.00 awarded for Pares de los libros at Woodmoor to support the Foundation’s Initiative for Literacy.  Under the direction of Susan Hadreas andLydia Booker, this program provides access to English-Spanish leveled books to improve students’ reading ability, while enabling parents who are non-English speakers to support their children at home.  Currently, twenty-two percent of Woodmoor Elementary’s students are Hispanic.

3) Contrabass Resonator Bars C, F, G at Crystal Springs Elementary –  Impact: 633 students.
$1,000.00 awarded for Contrabass Resonator Bars C, F, G at Crystal Springs Elementary to support the Foundation’s Initiative for Enhancement Programming in Arts andCulture.  Under the direction of Patricia Murphey, this popular program makes music fun and accessible to hundreds of students who often go on to participate in music programs at the junior high and high school levels.  Numerous studies have correlated participation in music with improved educational outcomes.

4) Books Can Bring Us Together at Kenmore Elementary –  Impact:  300+ students and families annually.
$1,000.00 awarded for Books Can Bring Us Together at Kenmore Elementary to support the Foundation’s initiatives targeting both Literacy Curriculum Enhancements and Advanced and Disadvanted Learners.  Under the direction of Brynn Bond and Darcia Myers, this program provides leveled reading materials in both English and Spanish to break down the language barrier, develop independent readers, and open communication between home and school.  These books will be incorporated into the school library for the summer months so they can be accessible during the summer reading program.

5) Making “kinect”-ions at School at Woodmoor Elementary –  Impact:  70 students.
$1,000.00 awarded for Making “kinect”-ions at School at Woodmoor Elementary to support the Foundation’s initiative targetingAdvanced and Disadvantaged Learners .  Under the direction of Clais Morris, Shannon Korner and the other teachers of the Functional Skills and Academics Classroom, this program helps students with special needs by increasing fine and gross motors skills, developing expressive language, and facilitating appropriate social situations and play.

6) Comprehensive and Leveled Multi-lingual Balanced Literacy Library at Westhill Elementary –  Impact:  400 students.
$1,000.00 awarded for Comprehensive & Leveled Multi-lingual Balanced Literacy Library at Westhill to support the Foundation’s literacy initiative.  Under the direction of Carly Epler, this program provides leveled books  for ELL students to read at home with a matching text in Spanish that can be read by the non-English speaking families of students.  This will build background knowledge for  parents, enabling conversations about the text, encouraging comprehension and family connections, and increasing at-home reading time for students, with the long-term goal of increasing parent involvement and literacy skills for all students.

7) Activity Room Floor Mats at Sorenson Early Childhood Center –  Impact:  200+ students annually.
$1,000.00 awarded for Activity Room Floor Mats at Sorenson Early Childhood Center to support the Foundation’s Initiative for Advanced and Disadvantaged Learners.  Under the direction of Judy Gustafson and Ember Fry, this grant augments the current number of mats and transforms the existing space into a fun, safe learning environment outside of the classroom that promotes physical therapy, occupational therapy, group activity, and recess.

8) Genre Focus Books at Woodin Elementary –  Impact:  350 students.
$1,000.00 awarded for Genre Focus Books at Woodin to support the Foundation’s initiatives for Literacy and for Advanced and Disadvantaged Learners.  Under the direction of Stephanie Dunnewind and other dual language teachers from Woodin Elementary, this program funds purchases of genre-specific titles in Spanish at the second and third grade levels to match the new literacy curriculum for the dual language program.

9) Literature Circles at Secondary Academy for Success –  Impact:  160 students.
$1,000.00 awarded for Literature Circles at SAS to support the Foundation’s literacy initiative .  Under the direction of Laurie Nunnelee, this program provides students with a selection of high quality books that interest students and meet their reading needs, while enabling a small group experience where students increase analytical thinking skills and use text to support a position.   This engaging English program provides student with a literacy-enhancing experience that  honors the individual while promoting a sense of belonging.

10) Graphic Novel Collection at Wellington Elementary –  Impact:  520 students.
$1,000.00 awarded for Graphic Novel Collection at Wellington Elementary  to support the Foundation’s literature initiative.  Under the direction of Librarian Dianne Borchert, this project purchases fiction and non-fiction graphic novels that tell a story using text and pictures. This will move students from the learning-to-read phase to the reading-to-learn phase, enabling teachers to capture new readers while maintaining the enthusiasm and improving the skills of current readers.

11) Ghanaian Master Drummer Artist in Residence at Kenmore Elementary –  Impact:  505 students
$1,000.00 awarded for Ghanaian Master Drummer Artist in Residence at Kenmore Elementary to support the Foundation’s Initiative for Enhancement Programming.  Under the direction of Judy Bohnet, the grant will help sponsor a weeklong residency of Sowah Mesah as a part of the music program at Kenmore Elementary.   Mesah works with all students at the school to create music and culture of an African musical genre that is the foundation of much of our modern music.  

12) Helping Hands Service Learning at Wellington Elementary – Impact: 250  students.
$1,000.00  awarded for Helping Hands at Wellington to support the Foundation’s Initiative for Enhancement Programming.  Under the direction of volunteer Meggin Mann, this club offers monthly opportunities for students to become more conscious of the needs of others and to serve our community in a positive way.  Service activities provide opportunities to learn the qualities of empathy, leadership, and positive social relationships.

13) Outdoor Environmental Learning Center & Naturalist-in-Training Program at Skyview Junior High –  Impact: 315 students annually.
$600.00 awarded for the Outdoor Environmental Learning Center & Naturalist in-Training Program at Skyview Junior High to support the Foundation’s STEM initiative.  Under the direction of John Schmied, this completes a multipurpose, 190-yard wetland trail that acts as a learning center for our Life Sciences studies, as part of the cross-country course, and as a trail for community members.   The grant also supports the Naturalist-in-training process where students become certified in environmental actions and act as mentors to other students utilizing the Learning Center.

14) Novels for Mid-Level Special Education at Bothell and Inglemoor High Schools – Impact:  62 students annually.
$3,000 awarded for Novels for Mid-Level Special Education at Bothell and Inglemoor High Schools to support the Foundation’s initiatives for Literacy Enhancement Curriculum and for Advanced and Disadvantaged Learners. Under the direction of Natalie Pullen,Craig Danter, Barbara Stratton and Jeanne Schmidt, this grant creates a cross-departmental, mid-level special education library that offers these students access to the same books being taught in the general education English Department but that are written at a level that meets their needs.

15) Roots of Empathy at Arrowhead Elementary – Impact: 50 students.
$1000 awarded for Roots of Empathy at Arrowhead Elementary to support the Foundation’s Initiative for Enhancement Programming.  Under the direction of Julia Laibso,  this project utilizes a community development model bringing infants and their parents in to the classroom and allowing third grade students to observe, comment on, and draw conclusions about how the baby is feeling, helping the students develop a vocabulary for their own feelings and for those of others.   As they come to learn how others feel, students develop empathy and are less likely to demonstrate aggression,  thereby creating a healthier environment.

16) WEB – Middle School Transition Program to  Increase Student Achievement at Leota Junior High –  Impact: 650 students.
$1000 awarded to support a Middle School Transition Program to Increase Student Achievement at Leota Junior High called “Where Everybody Belongs,”  supporting the Foundation’s Initiative for Enhancement Programming.  Under the direction of Ryan Adams and Kathleen Hartman, 9th grade students will be provided with leadership skills to help 7th graders transition into their first year of junior high school.  Student achievement is enhanced by improving school culture, developing student leaders, and increasing academic performance as a result of a safer, supportive school environment.

17) Kokanee Garden Club at Kokanee Elementary –  Impacting 550 students
Kokanee Garden Club at Kokanee Elementary – Impacting 650 students $1000 awarded for Kokanee Garden Club at Kokanee Elementary to support the Foundation’s Initiative for Enhancement Programming. Under the direction of a local organic farmer and Kokanee Garden Club sponsors, this program will engage students in the process of gardening by creating a learning lab that integrates science, math and service, while simultaneously creating a more beautiful campus, promoting pride, and enabling donations of fresh foods to those in need.