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Innovative Classroom Grant Guidelines

The Innovative Classroom Granting process is intended to support classroom teachers in funding innovative programs for students in their classroom that is outside of the current budget.

Due to the decrease in funding available for public education, the Foundation has extended this granting process to also fund programs that teachers see as essential for their students, when there is no budget available.

********* NEW THIS YEAR *********
While traditionally we have had once grant cycle in the Spring, with funds available for use during the next school year, This year we have added an additional granting cycle that will allow teachers to apply for funds in the Fall, and have funds to use in the current school year. Classroom Grant applications can be accepted all year long

  • Fall applications are due by December 1st 2016 with funds available by January 17th 2017
  • Spring applications due May 2nd 2017 with funds available June 15th 2017.

Granting Process:
1.) Schedule an informational meeting with your school’s ambassador to discuss the idea and scope of request.

2.) Complete application and submit to the Northshore Schools Foundation.

3.) Grants will be reviewed grants will be reviewed in the time line stated above

4. All Grants application must be signed and received by the application deadlines

5.) Grant recipients are of the Foundation’s intention to fully fund now, partially fund now, fund contingent on external funding being available or not to fund.

6.) Funds are released within 30 days of the receipt of the signed Grant Acceptance Agreement.

7.) Grant evaluations, and all terms of the Grant Acceptance Agreement are due by the last day of school each year, regardless of the funding cycle.

This application process will also be used in instances where the Schools Foundation is pursuing private or public party grant funds or sponsorship of particular programs or activities.

Thank you for your participation in this granting process. Please contact the Foundation if you have any questions at 425-408-7680



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