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The Good News and the Good News about Innovative Classroom Grants

It’s our second time offering an Innovative Classroom Grant Application process during the Fall.

Good News #1

We are thrilled to announce that we received 25 innovative classroom requests for funds, from 11 schools around the district that have the potential to impact thousands of students throughout the district.

Our Grant Selection Committee is meeting now to vet the requests and we will making funding announcements in the second week of December.   We currently have $5771.00 more requests then we have have budgeted.

Good News #2

You can donate between now and Giving Tuesday – November 28th, and your donation can be designated to fill that gap.


Wondering what is on the docket to be funded through the Innovative Classroom Grant Process?

Here is a few examples of the innovative classroom grant applications we received!


Ukuleles have been gaining in popularity with famous musicians using them in performances. Students are expressing an interest in playing them.  Instruction in the general music classroom would enable students to find success with the instrument, perhaps encouraging the student to pursue a band or orchestra instrument in fifth grade, and/or music classes in the middle school, high school, and beyond.

Field trips

In a recent survey of students in high school art classes, over a quarter of our students have never been to a museum or art gallery. Ever. Transportation and cost can be prohibitive, so we would like to provide this opportunity to a broad group of our students

Fidgets for Focus, Kore Chairs, Adjustable tables, Manipulatives and More.

In almost every school the supply of self regulation tools is too small to support the needs of our student body.  Our students and teachers are frequently asking for Tools for Focus (also known as Fidgets), Alternative Seating or Manipulatives.   While creative teachers are building home made tools such as  ‘stress balls’ out of balloons filled with flour, etc theself regulation needs of our students and teachers are risings.    Students and teachers need better and more tools  to match the needs of the school our school.


Seeing code in action on a computer screen is exciting stuff, but I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to offer the opportunity to code a physical robot. Robotics is get hands on science and engineering experience while they learn to solve specific tasks and work together.  Industry professions who are fortunate enough to work in the industry of robotics (Amazon, SpaceX, Google, etc) began by coding for robots grade school.  Let’s offer these experiences to our students.

Incentives for Learning

BreakOut EDU is an immersive learning experience, an educational version of the popular  games (participants solve clues to break out of a room).  Students work in cooperative groups to solve puzzles, giving them keys and codes to unlock boxes. Eventually, they reach a  prize in the last box.  Benefits of BreakOut EDU extend beyond “winning”.   Our students, teachers and parents will build important academic and social skills as they solve puzzles and reinforce curricular concepts.

Creator, Mentor, Engineer, Scientist, and Mathematician through Toys,

We are bringing in a Professional inventor and nationally recognized educator to present intensive, hands-on, and fun filled science “Solids and Liquids” workshop. Students will use and explore simple hand tools to build a rubber band powered boat to demonstrate important scientific properties that connect with Next Generation Science Standards. This form of STEM opportunity will greatly benefit our students by giving them an opportunity to work together while playing multiple roles such as creator, mentor, engineer, scientist, and mathematician.

Mock Newberry Challenge

Our students in the intermediate grades can find it challenging to find new, relevant literature to read, and at times, our reluctant readers are most resistant to independent reading time in the classroom and at home. When we introduced the real-life context of a Mock Newbery program, students expressed motivation to choose two of the books they were most interested in and be given a chance to have a voice about their responses to literature. Our students, even those struggling as readers the most, quickly latched on to the purpose given for their reading and showed excitement about having books to share within the grade level.

High Level – High Interest Books

As I watch my students book shop in my classroom library, I notice them struggle to find enough higher level books, or just right levels, that match students interests.  Also, with our new science curriculum I am looking for a wider variety in my non-fiction library that match their interest, the science content, and their reading levels.

Fine Motor Skills Development

This grant will purchase fine motor activities and materials for three Kindergarten classes, with the purpose of correcting improper pencil grips and increasing muscle tone in little hands that don’t currently have it.   After we noticed the lack of these supports and materials immediately and have started building my own stock, but cannot afford to purchase everything we need.  We also have 4 students per classroom that are struggling to grip their pencils correctly and we would like to support them for a strong future.The use of these materials will improve student confidence and put them on the path to academic success!

Bluetooth Alternate Keyboards

Mid Level students’ use of iPads has increased their academic performance, yet some students are in need of alternate keyboards. If Mid Level students were provided with bluetooth keyboards, they would have the tools to perform efficiently; with less teacher intervention. This would allow students to take ownership of learning and to participate more fully in their classes.

School-wide Sensory Room

Through a previous Northshore Schools Foundation Grant, staff at one school created a school wide sensory room. This calming room helps students self-regulate so they can focus on learning. The equipment in the room supports students by providing them space, tools and time to calm down, take a break, or get revved up, so they can be ready to learn. This new grant adds more equipment to this valuable school space.


You can help fund innovative classroom grants by making a donation between now and November 28th.    Donate today! 



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