Why Your Support Matters

Why your support of public schools matters to your business:

In a recent internet article I found this great explanation about the importance of partnership between communities and schools. Whether you have children in public schools or not, we all benefit from good public schools. When schools are good, property values are higher & communities are better. People want to move to those states that value education. For parents, the importance of public education is pretty simple: we want to provide our children with a world-class education. We want them to grow strong academically with a love of learning, whether it be in the sciences or the arts, sports or debate. For businesses, the advantages of a strong, well-funded public school system are clear: it produces a qualified workforce; businesses want to relocate or open in places where their employees will be happy — employees are more likely to be happy in a place with good schools. This leads to good communities, which leads to a great quality of life. Source: http://50thnomore.com/page/Why-Should-You-Care.aspx Let Us Recognize You - Our annual “All In for Kids Luncheon" gives us an opportunity to acknowledge our sponsors and contributors, this is a perfect time to get involved and show your support for students, community and education. As you consider your participation, please remember that the Northshore Schools Foundation enhances learning opportunities for the 21,000+ students from over 16,000 families that live in the community that surrounds your business. We regularly recognize sponsors year-round on our website, on our wall of appreciation in the district office and in our regular digital communications including emails & Facebook and in various press releases and local news articles. Sponsorship opportunities range from $250 to $25,000 are available and can be fulfilled with monthly, quarterly or annual payments. Thank you for considering being a Northshore Schools Foundation Sponsor.
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