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We couldn’t say it better ourselves… Nominate an Innovative teacher today

“An innovative classroom can feel a little chaotic, but please come closer and you will hear our groups of students excitedly working through challenges, and finding solutions.”

– Trudy Swain, 2017 NSDF Innovative Educator Award Winner.

We couldn’t say it better ourselves, since 2014 we have been celebrating one teacher each year for their commitment to innovation in education and their integration of relevant and impactful teaching techniques.   Our previous winners are known for helping students, convert gas automobiles to electric ones., transforming test scores with the help of electric guitar, growing math comprehension with a year round green house; and giving students a taste of a triple bottom line  in form a Family Sciences Class.

Only you can know what 2018 has in store for us!    Make Nomination for Innovative educator of the year by January 31!    

This year’s recipient will receive a $1500 grant to continue their awesome work and a gift basket.   All nominees will receive a recognition certificate.

Make your nomination here!