Opportunity Fund

Opportunity Fund

Each year hundreds of Northshore students are denied the opportunity to take their K-12 education to the next level.

Financial limitations restrict participation in academic competitions and earning college credits at subsidized rates.

The Northshore Schools Foundation has been collaborating with the NSD for 21 years, and has donated more than $1.4M to support our students. After receiving over $50,000 in scholarship funding requests, we knew it was time to take action. We need your help so that all students have the OPPORTUNTY to take advantage of these life-changing experiences.


You can help by donating funds that allow students to take advantage of educational opportunities in Bothell, Inglemoor, North Creek, and Woodinville.

Your donation will:
• Help a National History Day finalist visit the White House,
• Support a FBLA student competing for a National Future Business Leader Award,
• Cover the cost of AP testing for a student whose family can’t afford it,
• Or fund tech prep credits for students pursuing a career in welding.

Help remove the income barriers of students who demonstrate both commitment to and excellence in their education.

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This spring, 144 free and reduced lunch students lost over $21,000 in federal subsidies that made AP/IB testing accessible. While our community was outraged, our district’s hands were tied by laws that restrict district funds and do not allow public funds to be used for private students. After the Foundation had committed the funds, a statewide funder jumped in to fill the gap. This year’s crisis was averted, but what about next year?

During the assessment of need process, we discovered this:

  • For $49 a year students can earn as many tech credits as possible. These credits help bridge the gap to trade school and are offered at a greatly reduced rate, resulting in less student loan debt and a shorter time between school, graduation, and securing a living wage paying job. 627 students earned tech prep credits last year that, unfortunately, will not go towards their college transcripts because they did not register for those credits.
  • Each spring, hundreds of students participate and win local academic competitions like Science Olympiad, DECA, FBLA, HOSA and National History Day. With such an exciting win, they are then met with the burden of travel expenses to attend regional or national competitions. At a cost of $500 – $1500 in travel, lodging, and food they usually only have 4-6 weeks to find the funding due to competition schedules. Furthermore, teacher advisors are required to chaperone these events andschool funds must be directed to support them.

Without dedicated funds, even the Foundation can’t address student’s needs in the time frame required.

That’s why we need your help.

We are building the dedicated Opportunity Fund to earmark $15,000 for each high school and their supporting middle school to cover student’s expenses each year.

Your tax-deductible donation of $500 or more supports this cause. Together we can send the message to every student that it’s OK to dream big and shoot for nationals.

Donate Now

Contact Carmin Dalziel, Executive Director, Northshore Schools Foundation for more information.

Thank you Opportunity Fund Sponsor
Costal Community Bank
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