Pay It Forward Classroom Market

Pay It Forward Market

Thanks to all the teachers and staff who donated supplies to the 2017 Pay It Forward Market, we have a room filled with useful supplies, teaching aids, books and more:

It’s Time to SHOP

New & Returning NSD Staff are invited to take advantage of the generous donations made by local teachers and come shop for free gently used classroom supplies!

August 16 & 17 8:00am to 4:00pm

The NSDF Pay it Forward Market is located on the first floor of the NSD Admin Bldg.

Pre-shop day for brand new NSD staff on August 14 & 15. All items not adopted, will be donated to support the Jaimeson Jones Scholarship Fund.

What is the Pay it Forward Classroom Market?
The Pay it Forward Classroom Market is way for teachers and district staff to donate your useful, fully functioning, relevant classroom tools and get a tax write off and pay it forward for future generations.

We all know that staff and teachers build classrooms and lesson plans with a unique mix of school supplied items and personally purchased enhancements. The end of the school year or a long rewarding career sometimes means classroom supplies are no longer needed.

At the end of each school year, the Foundation will sponsor a Pay it Forward Market where NSD staff can donate relevant, useful personally procured classroom supplies that they no longer need. We will collect items and the make them available in August for new and returning teachers.

You get a tax write off for your donated items and you pay It forward for teachers and students in the future!

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