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It’s time to renew your annual All in for Kids donation!

Thank you for your ongoing support of our students.  With the school year just around the corner, we wanted you to be one of the first to know about the impact your donations had on our students. Our annual report was just published! – View it here!

As we head back to school, your support is more valuable than ever. Please consider renewing your donation to the Foundation today.  

Thanks to you, students were able to have hands-on learning experiences with ukuleles and marimbas, visit volcanic ash at its source, build culture and community at schools, explore math and science with robots and so much more.

“Thank you so much for the funding that you provide for the WEB program.  It benefits so many students and provides services that really do help kids who may be struggling.” – A. Moore, NSD student

Through innovative classroom grants, teacher training and support for our most vulnerable students, your gifts are affecting our students learning experience and providing them with the encouragement and opportunity to succeed.  Each grant has a ripple effect that supports a positive learning environment and provides students with relevant experiences that stay with them for a lifetime.

“Thank you so much for not only advocating for our students in NSD, but for providing tangible support that quickly impacts our classrooms in a positive way.” – WHS teacher

Your donation last year helped us support students across the district, in every school, reaching more classrooms and students than ever before.  You have done so much to engage our students and inspire our teachers, now we want to invite you to grow with us.  Growth in the district means more students and more classrooms need our help.

By renewing your donation today, you are helping to ensure that students and teachers continue to have access to the programs and services that enhance their learning experience.  In the last school year, our district has increased by more than 500 students, so existing funding needs to go farther.

If you would consider increasing your gift by 10 percent, you will help us address the growth needs in our district and grow our support so we can offer the same level of services to a growing number of students in our district.

But perhaps, like us you want to do more for our students.  The Foundation is excited about growing our support to providing Opportunity Scholarships, Basic Needs Aid, and innovative community speaker series. By increasing your gift by 20% you can make those programs a reality.

Regardless of your donation size – we want you to know that your support makes a difference.

“Thank you! The positive impact on my students was very noticeable!” K. Morgan- Bothell High School

“Having this grant allowed my students to have an opportunity I would have a difficult time affording on my own. My students are so grateful!”- R. Cummings – Westhill Elementary

Thank you again for your continued support.   You are making an important and long-standing impact on our students.

High Regards,

Carmin Dalziel

P.S.    As an added bonus, each donation that is received before 10/2/2017 will be entered as an entry into our Fall contest.  One lucky winner’s school of choice will win $1000 worth of books!
The winning school will be announced on October 12.