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From your workplace to theirs – CNA student Kelsey Heinz tells her story

Hospital beds Tube Feeding“I have been affected by several different foundation funded programs, but the one that has affected me the most are the grants given to provide hospital beds for the Career and Technical Education CNA program.” – Kelsey Heinz, 2016 NSDF Scholarship winner

Kelsey was one of 4 students who you provided with a college scholarship last year.  Kelsey shared her story about how your investment in the Career and Technical Education program, provided her with an experience that inspired her to excel at her nursing skills, ultimately preparing her for a future career.

With your help, the Northshore School Foundation has been supporting the NSD Hospital Services Program by replacing the 15-year-old hospital beds and updating their technology systems.   Your decision to donate through your employee-giving program means that students are getting real work practice for living-wage, high demand industry jobs.

“With the hospitals beds my CNA class has been able to use them to practice our different skills, and get a feel for what it’s like to work in a hospital… [The beds] make it feel more realistic, and I know I will be more prepared to work in the field once I am licensed.”  Said Heinz. “They have inspired me to practice the skills more seriously, and want to keep practicing, so that when I get a job as a CNA I will be able to be the best I can be.”

Your donations provide funding for many Career and College readiness programs through the district.